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What is The Art of Sensual?

So many couples I work with have wonderful relationships, yet their attraction for one another wanes. I get it. Life happens…work, lack of sleep, kids, travel, pandemics, etc. Yet, the desire for deep connection, touch, sex, and intimacy remains. Even talking about the lack of attraction can be challenging. I feel you, I understand the pain and numbness this can cause. So many people want to stay with their partner, yet long for that deep passionate intimacy with their loved one.

The good news is that there is a solution. The Art of Sensual reconnects couples at a physical level, creating playful chemistry and attraction, sometimes even stronger than before. I guide couples into their desire and give them playful tools for a deep sensual connection. It’s possible to have a long-term relationship where the chemistry stays hot and sexy for a lifetime. Let me show you how.

“I just wanted to thank you for the class last night it was really incredible. The atmosphere was perfect, everyone got really into it, we were in a group setting but we felt as if we only were with our partners. I also loved your approach, less about the technique and more about the technique on yourself, how to feel, how to keep connected with your partner. Fantastic!”

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the energy and love you put into the amazing, magical session we experienced with you. It was a way deeper experience than we were expecting.”
“Just a quick note to say the last [private] session was exceptional. I feel in very capable, observant and good hands. So glad we are on this journey with you. Thank you for holding such great space.”

“Thanks so much for your amazing class last night. It was seriously life-changing! The whole idea of the masculine versus feminine energy and how to tap into those and feel them fully is something I’ve never really thought about before. I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new dimension of sensuality that I didn’t know existed before! Thank you so much for everything. It was absolutely beautiful.”

“Her commitment to her classes and participants, and the passion she teaches with, is both palpable and endearing. My girlfriend and I LOVED her workshop.”

“She held an incredibly safe space for me to explore (and push) my boundaries. I cannot imagine anyone better to guide me into this realm.  You will not regret it for a minute.”

“Thanks for a great time. I loved the whole evening, and felt very centered and guided to my masculinity. I also really loved the gradual buildup with lots of breaks. It was fun meeting new people, and of course the best part was doing this with my sexy wife, who later said that I felt more masculine to her than I ever had.”
“Well, first of all I loved your conviction and passion. There is no doubt that you love and believe in what you shared with us. You made it so easy to get into a practice that might have felt awkward but instead it was exciting and really really fun.”
“We both commented on the way home from the session how fulfilled and satiated we felt. We thought, “Yay, fun foreplay!” but no, it was more like a complete experience unto itself. It was a different form of post coital bliss without the coitus. Strange and wonderful for me because I can be a bit linear in my sex drive. This gave us a glimpse at a new possibility.”
“You have a very beautiful and loving manner and that combined with your generosity and handmade confections, wow, we were made comfortable right from the start. You were absolutely beautiful in that dress and you are very sexy too, so it was kind of dreamy, like we were being shown secrets in the princess’ turret. It was magical, I was enchanted. Your encouragement and interactions were very playful and very rewarding; we were made to feel clever and sexy.”

“She is so warm and lovely and teaches this subject so well that you are going to love it. She emphasizes the why by having you experience it. She has a way of leading you into an experience that I thought only masters could achieve. We left this evening class tingling with love and closeness and a little weak in the knees because we had just spent three hours learning the fundamentals of intimacy in a completely different way.”

“She beautifully introduces and can expand your experience of the art of sensuality, leading all of your senses to be heightened. She has a special way of helping you loosen up, get comfortable and feel sexy to get those endorphins flowing. It’s electric! The energy is undeniable. She is a jewel :)”

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